Monday, January 28, 2008


I decided to be a bum and buy a cloak so that I'll have something until I get the time to make my own. The primary issue I ran into with this is that I want something functional, not just pretty. A lot of cloaks, especially costume cloaks, are made out of very thin fabric, and this will not work for me. What I settled on was this:

Its not perfect, but I like it. Its a vintage navy cloak and it should be about knee length on me.
Pros - It has a nice woven look, it should be warm, it has an AWESOME clasp (its a two-headed sea serpent)
Cons - Its blue (which was a difficult color to obtain unless you were very wealthy), it has velcro around the clasp, it is actually a synthetic

I'm debating lining it when I recieve it. Is that horrible to do to a vintage cloak? It probably kinda is, but if its not warm enough I'll do it anyhow. All in all though, I'm very excited about getting this :)

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