Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fabric Run and Cloak Making Workshop #1

I'm feeling a whole lot better than I was. Today I am running/hosting a cloak making workshop. In about an hour, we're leaving for JoAnn's Fabrics to try and get some wool fabric, since they don't sell it at Walmart and we want to be warm.
We will be working off of this pattern:
Using the cutting technique explained at the bottom of the page.
A friend who has used this pattern has told me that the hood pattern doesn't work and that the neck hole on this pattern is not in the appropriate place - it needs to be farther back. I am going to draft a new hood pattern based on my favorite hoody and put this on my cloak. As for the neck hole, it will be trial and error. Clasps will be hand sewn on. Hems will either be done with seam binding or just normally, depending on the fabric and what the person wants.
I am also thinking it would be nice to make a little overlap in the front, cuz when its really cold and windy having that gap can be chilly.
Anyhow, off to prepare for the adventure!

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