Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Simple" tunics

We've asked for funding from the college to buy wool for club cloaks, so making cloaks is on hold at least for a couple weeks. We also asked for money to make new tabards for our war. In the meantime we're working on planning a medieval wedding, which shall be amazing.

Which brings us to our next project: tunics! Our guys have very little, if any garb. The nice thing about tunics is that they can be thrown on over pj pants and look somewhat period. Note here - we're not worrying about historical accuracy for this project (much) we just want something these dudes can wear to events. I found two notable patterns:
1) Anglo-saxon tunic -
2) T tunic with contrasting sleeves -
3) viking tunics -

I think we will be using the anglo-saxon pattern as it looks do-able, but still comfortable. We're probably going to make these out of cheap cotton (gotta love Walmart's $1 rack!) or blends. The plan was to have to workshop Sat., but given our track record with these workshops, we'll see how that goes.

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