Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tunics and Shirts

Well... its now about 6 months later since my last post. We never did have that tunic workshop. However, my roommate went to the city for the day, so I took the time to make me some new garb :)

My first project was another skirt, on the same pattern I've used before. Its Simplicity 9966, which is unfortunately out of print but an awesome pattern if you can find it. As you can see, its intended as a costume pattern, not anything with historical accuracy, but I still LOVE the pattern. My copy is in marker on an old newspaper :P
Alright, back to the current topic - skirt! The skirt is this pattern is REALLY easy to make - 4 quarters, a waist band, and you hem it and you're done. AND its big enough to fit over my 4-hoop skirt.
NOTE: if you're going to wear this over a hoop skirt, you may need to lengthen the skirt by about 2 inches.

So my first project for today was to make a wool skirt. I'd found a 5 yd. piece of wool plaid fabric in my closet at my mothers, and after freezing my butt off at one of the summer wars, decided it should be another layer of skirt. And it IS warm - I was cooking with the fabric in my lap while I was working on it.
NOTE: As far as I know, if the elastic waist of the skirt is replaced with a drawstring, its nearly perfectly period. And the drawstring is (in my opinion) more comfortable, too!
My second project for the day was to attempt a T-tunic. We have a TON of new freshmen, and I'd like to see everyone have a tunic at least by feast time (Nov. 1) so I figured I'd better at least make sure I can make a tunic.
I wanted something quick since there may not be much time for a workshop, and found these two links:
I started off with some random gray fabric I had gotten for $1 a yard to try out my bodice pattern. (I realized after buying the fabric that it wouldn't work because there's a little too much stretch in the weave) I successfully made this into a tunic in about 30 min. following the instructions from #1. Its the most comfy thing EVER! With the possible exception of my chemise.
I finished it, tried it on, and realized it was pretty darn see-through. So I dove back into my fabric box and found a yard of muslin that *might* have been a corset if I had ever gotten around to that. As is, I have ordered a custom corset and am waiting for it to arrive, so the muslin was up for grabs for this project. I basically made a shorter tunic and used it as a liner for the larger one. I cut the neck hole in the muslin small so the edges could fold over the raw edge of the gray fabric at the neckline. The I cut out a piece of maroon fabric to accent the neck area and did the same thing in the opposite direction, so the muslin cannot be seen from the outside.
This took me 1.5 hours. For a tunic that took 30 min. to make. *sigh*

I still have to finish attaching the maroon neck piece and hem the cuffs and bottom edge. But this shall happen another day, when my eyes don't hurt so much from staring at one thing too long. All in all, the tunic in and of itself was a success.
NOTE: if you try this, use seam binding for the neck. And make sure your fabric isn't see-through.

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